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Emerging Adulthood
Special Issue Call for Papers:

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Lives of Emerging Adults

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Books on Emerging Adulthood

  • Well-Being of Youth and  Emerging  Adults across Cultures: Novel Approaches and Findings from Europe, Asia, Africa and America

    Editors: Dimitrova, Radosveta (Ed.)

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  • Oxford University Press Book Series on Emerging Adulthood

    You can find more information about this series here.


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Book Launch

"Cultivating Student Success"

Book Launch Webinar

Cultivating Student Success
the newest book in the
Emerging Adult Series
from Oxford University Press

The book’s editors:
Tisha A. Duncan and
Allison A. Buskirk-Cohen

In addition to the Q & A with the book editors, we will hear from chapter authors on the following topics:

• Alan Meca, PhD, on "I Just Can't": Why are Emerging Adults Feeling More Anxious and Uncertain?

• Kevin Correa, EdD, and Sylvia Symonds, PhD, on "I've Never Had to Do This on My Own": Support to Address Retention and Success for Emerging Adults