October 14-16, 2015
Miami, Florida

SSEA Hot Seat

Interrogating Emerging Adulthood: Jeffrey Arnett in the Hot Seat

Debate: Interrogating Emerging Adulthood: Jeffrey Arnett in the Hot Seat
Moderator: Moin Syed
Panel: Dalal Katsiaficas, Monique Landberg, and Maria Wangqcist
Special Guest: Jeffrey Arnett
https://vimeo.com/user22000730/review/143757336/bd78226ffd (password if needed: miamidebate)



Moderator: Moin Syed (University of Minnesota, USA)




Questions by emerging scholars: Dalal Katsiaficas (University of California, Los Angeles, USA), Monique Landberg (University of Jena, Germany), & Maria Wängqvist (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)


In this session three SSEA emerging scholars turn the tables and pose the questions to Jeffrey Arnett, challenging his theory of emerging adulthood! “Big picture" questions about the nature and future of emerging adulthood will be addressed, as well as more specific ones regarding the application of the theory of emerging adulthood to diverse populations around the globe. Hopefully this session will answer all your questions about emerging adulthood and also provide some more facts directly from the hot seat!

The emerging scholar panelists take a variety of approaches to the study of emerging adulthood in their own work.



Dalal Katsiaficas’ research explores immigrant-origin emerging adults’ social responsibilities and multiple identities. She is interested in questions regarding the ways in which emerging adulthood theory applies to immigrant populations.




Monique Landberg’s research interests are about the value of work and socioeconomic status influences in emerging adulthood and she will bring the topic of social class into the debate.





Maria Wängqvist’s approach to the study of emerging adulthood is mainly from the perspective of identity development and she is very interested in questions concerning emerging adulthood in an international perspective.



In conjunction with the conference we will launch the SSEA-Emerging Scholars’ Facebook group. We encourage all emerging scholars to join and share with us the questions you would like us to ask Jeffrey Arnett in this hot seat-session! Additionally, we will have a special twitter account where you can send us questions as well! We will twitter updates about the event throughout the hot seat session.