October 14-16, 2015
Miami, Florida

Invited Panel

 Globalization, Media, and Identity in Emerging Adulthood

Emerging adults around the world are developing a sense of self in the midst of profound changes in cultural practices of communication. The proliferation of the Internet and mobile devices offer the potential for “perpetual” human contact and increased interdependence; however, these technologies can also promote fleeting social connections in expansive social networks and a preoccupation with cultivating a self-image to large online audiences. Moreover, although the Internet transmits values of a global youth culture largely dominated by commercialism and consumption, social media also provide space for young people to express their own unique voices and cultural perspectives as they co-construct their own media environments. New media likely have consequences for the balance between autonomy and relatedness in identity development and the formation of a coherent and meaningful purpose in life. An international panel of researchers studying communication, cultural change, and identity development will discuss new challenges and opportunities on the horizon for healthy relationships and identity development during emerging adulthood. An important theme will be how youth in various places around the world engage with new media differently depending on their own values and identity concerns.

Panel members (alphabetically):

Dr. Adriana Manago
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
Western Washington University, U.S.A.





Dr. Michaela D.E. Meyer
Associate Professor
Department of Communication
Christopher Newport University, U.S.A.





Robert Thomson
Doctoral Research Fellow
Department of Behavioral Science
Hokkaido University, Japan





Dr. Natalia Waechter
Senior Research Fellow
Department of Education
University of Graz, Austria




Dr. Maria Wängqvist
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
University of Gothenburg, Sweden