Conference attendees shared a memorable night of storytelling. The following Storytellers offered to have their stories shared for everyone to enjoy.

Ben Frey

Mani García-Lesy

Erin Podolny

Manfred van Dulmen

Seth Schwartz

The Dinner Event consisted of:
We'll kick off the evening with a cocktail hour to get to know each other or to reconnect with colleagues from 6:30-7pm.

Then we will have a great event from 7-8pm that is sure to entertain and simultaneously to promote reflection on our own lives and our research agendas. This event is entitled, "Failing as an Emerging Adult: A Storytelling Show." Modeled on Stoop Stories (, this evening event will feature local emerging adults, as well as members of our own SSEA (who may be or may not be still in emerging adulthood)— telling 7-minute true, personal tales on the theme of failure during emerging adulthood.

In keeping with past storytelling shows, we will follow the show with an opportunity to chat about the show further, in our case over a formal dinner, from 8-9pm.


The deadline has passed for this event, but look for more exciting event in 2019!
Folks whose stories are selected for the show will be notified in during Summer 2017 and receive coaching and support before the show.

a few tips

Stories are true, personal tales. If it ain’t true, and it ain’t about you, it’s not the type of story for which we are looking.
The event will present oral stories, which is not the same as a written story, TED talk, or stand-up routine.

everyone has a story. What's yours?

Every SSEA conference attendee is invited to submit a story to tell at the show!
How do you submit a story?
1. Consider the theme of failure. What event or experience from your emerging adulthood (18-29) does it call to mind? It can be funny or serious, a big mess or a small mishap. Failing is such a big part of being human, so don’t be shy about sharing.
2. Write a brief summary (3-4 sentences) that states the beginning, middle, and end of your story.
3. Email that summary to

stoop storytelling
Everyone has a story. What's yours? Everyone has a story. What's yours? Everyone has a story. What's yours?
"Stoop stories are not memorized, performed, or read. They’re shared.
Stoop shows are intimate and surprising, wonderful and weird, hilarious and heartbreaking."-stoop storytelling