Pre-Conference Workshops

SSEA Pre-conference Workshops, Thursday, November 2, 2017, Washington DC

Pre-conference Session 5


Theme: Intersectionality of Identity Domains & Content
Hosted by: Identity Issues Topic Network
Scheduled Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm (full-day workshop $90)

Session Description:
The Identity Topic Network will be leading a day-long workshop on issues of identity content and the intersectionality of identity domains within research on emerging adulthood. Prior research on identity development has tended to emphasize the processes and mechanisms by which identities are constructed and change throughout the lifespan. However, there have been recent calls for increased attention to the domains and contents within which young people develop their identities. In other words, does the way in which identity develops during emerging adulthood change based on the domains of life that are being considered? For example, are the processes by which religious identity develops qualitatively different than the processes of ethnic identity development? Additionally, does one’s ethnic identity development influence one’s religious identity development (and vice versa)? These questions highlight the importance of attending to the domains and content of identity.

We have invited a variety of scholars that are currently contributing research and scholarship on the intersection of different identity domains and content, including gender, race and ethnicity, social class, immigration status, religion and spirituality, and sexuality. We have also invited a scholar who specializes in issues of intersectionality within social psychology to help us understand the key components to research that highlights the intersectional nature of how people form and express their identities––with a particular emphasis on societal and structural issues that play key roles in how identity develops during emerging adulthood.

In addition to short talks from these leading scholars, we will also have active group discussions and activities planned throughout the day to get all participants involved in this hands-on workshop. Participants will be encouraged to apply concepts of intersectionality to their own research, collaborate with others in small groups to discuss these issues, and the guest speakers will be on hand to facilitate these discussions and answer questions. We look forward to discussing these important and timely issues in this dialogical workshop!

Confirmed Speakers:
Kate McLean (Western Washington University),
Moin Syed (University of Minnesota),
Onnie Rogers (Northwestern University),
Dalal Katsiaficas (University of Illinois at Chicago), and
Hal Grotevant (University of Massachusetts, Amherst).

Workshop Organizers:
• Joe Schwab - Bridgewater State University,
• Johanna Carlsson - University of Gothenberg,

Number of participants to be accommodated: 70

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