*Final Program Schedule

*Attendee Contact List

Selection of Presentations from the 2017 Conference:

Daniel E. Harris, Meaning Making Presentation, (powerpoint slides here)
Pearl Bo Wu, Self Perception Presentation, (powerpoint slides here)
Joseph Anistranski, Friendship and Belonging Presentation (powerpoint slides here)
Steve McKay, Quantitative Methods Presentation (powerpoint slides here)

Pearl Bo Wu and Jeffrey Arnett

  •                   keynote speaker

    Please see Dr. Barber's abstract here.

    SSEA is excited to announce that Brian K. Barber, Ph.D. will be the keynote speaker for the 2017 Conference on Emerging Adulthood. Brian K. Barber, PhD, is an International Security Program Fellow at New America, a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Palestine Studies – both in Washington, DC – and Emeritus Professor of Child and Family Studies at the University of Tennessee, where he also founded and directed the Center for the Study of Youth and Political Conflict. Please click here to visit Dr. Barber's website.


  •                                                       master lectures

    Please see the Master Lectures abstracts here.

    The 8th biennial Conference will also include Master Lectures from Scott Stanley and   Elisabetta Crocetti. Dr. Stanley is a Research Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Denver (view his faculty page here), and Dr. Crocetti is a Senior Assistant Professor at the University of Bologna (view her website here). Also presenting are Ofra Mayseless, University of Haifa,  and Larry Nelson, Brigham Young University.

  • Presidential Address

    Please see Dr. Morgan's abstract here.

    Speaker: Elizabeth Morgan, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Springfield College, MA. She is president-elect for the Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood (SSEA). Please view her website here.

    Invited Presidential Symposium

    Emerging Adulthood in Europe: An Integrative Perspective (Seth J. Schwartz and Rita Žukauskienē, co-chairs)
        ·Emerging Adulthood in Europe: What We Know and What We Don't Know (Elisabetta Crocetti, Department of Psychology, Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna, Italy)
        · The Enduring Importance of Geographical Distance in a Mobile World: The Dynamics Between Regional Identity and Personal Relationship Partners (Elisabeth Schubach, Universität Friedrich Schiller, Jena, Germany; Julia Zimmermann, FernUniversität in Hagen, Germany; Elisabetta Crocetti, Università di Bologna, Italy; Peter Noack, Friedrich Schiller, Jena, Germany; Wim Meeus, Universiteit Tilburg, The Netherlands)
        · Links Between Identity Processes and Anxiety/Depression in Emerging Adulthood (Goda Kaniušonytė, Oksana Malinauskienė, Rita Žukauskienė, Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius, Lithuania)