Dr. William Perez, Keynote Speaker.

Dr. Perez will present: Towards a Transnational Perspective on Emerging Adulthood: Insights from the Binational Experiences of Undocumented, Deported, and Indigenous Mexican American Immigrants, (Full BIO here)



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Keynote Address, October 11, 2019, 4:30-6:00pm (Ontario/Niagara)

William Perez, Towards a Transnational Perspective on Emerging Adulthood: Insights from the Binational Experiences of Undocumented, Deported, and Indigenous Mexican American Immigrants

Master Lecture, October 11, 2019, 3:00-4:00pm (Ontario)

Margarita Azmitia, Emerging adults’ understanding of their intersecting identities: Theoretical, developmental, and methodological issues

Margarita Azmitia, an immigrant from Guatemala, is a professor of developmental psychology at the University of California at Santa Cruz and serves as the UCSC coordinator of the UC Consortium on Adolescence Science and as a member-at-large on the leadership of SRCD’s Latino Caucus. Her mixed-methods, interdisciplinary research program focuses on the role of close relationships, identity intersectionalities (gender, sexuality, ethnicity/race, and social class), and lived experiences of prejudice and discrimination in adolescents and emerging adults’ school transitions, academic and career trajectories, and well-being.

Master Lecture, October 12, 2019, 3:00-4:15pm (Ontario)

Gail Ferguson, The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Cultural Globalization For 21st Century Emerging Adults (And What Developmental Science Can Do About It)

Dr. Gail M. Ferguson is currently a faculty member in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and will be transitioning to the Institute of Child Development at the University of Minnesota for Fall, 2019. Dr. Ferguson’s research focuses on modern forms of cultural transmission among adolescents and emerging adults facilitated by 21st Century globalization (e.g., media, information and communication technologies, consumer goods, and migration). Among other interests, she has pioneered theory, research, and intervention programming on “remote acculturation” a modern form of acculturation among non-migrants exposed to distant cultures via globalization (e.g., the “Americanization” of youth in the Global South); and more recently, “remote enculturation”, a modern form of enculturation among youth living outside of the country of their family’s heritage who connect to that culture indirectly via globalization (e.g., 2nd generation immigrant youth; international adoptees). A major aim of Dr. Ferguson’s research is to identify and target risk and protective factors in prevention programs that promote the positive development of youth and families in and from the globalizing Majority World (i.e., developing countries).

Invited Symposia, October 11, 2019, 10:45-12:00pm, Ontario

1. Positive Development of Marginalized Emerging Adults
     A. Kameelah Mu’Min Rashad, Founder and President, Muslim Wellness Foundation
         Uphill on a Tightrope: Exploring Identity & Psychological Well-Being Among Black Muslim Emerging Adults in the US
 B. Suzanne Stewart, Associate Professor of Indigenous healing in Counselling Psychology at OISE/University of Toronto
         Indigenous Young Adults: Indigenous Knowledges and Life Transitions
 C. Nic Weststrate, Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago
         The Story Lives On: Positive Effects of the Intergenerational Transmission of Cultural-Historical Event Narratives in the LGBTQ+ Community

Invited Symposia, October 11, 2019, 10:45-12:00pm, Ontario

2. Understanding Systems of Oppression in the Lives of Emerging Adults
     A. Oana Negru-Subtirica, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences Babeș Bolyai University
         Work in the Shade of Social Inequality: The Case of Romanian Disadvantaged EAs
     B. Rasa Erentaitė, Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities, Kaunas University of Technology
         Rimantas Vosylis, Institute of Psychology, Mykolas Romeris University
         The Role of Subjective and Objective Aspects of SES in Predicting Perceptions of Emerging Adulthood
C. Daysi Diaz-Strong
         "When Did I stop Being a Child?" The Transition to Adulthood of the Central American and Mexican Undocumented    
          1.25 Generation

Invited Discussion Session, October 12, 2019, 10:45-12pm, Ontario

Publishing in Emerging Adulthood: A Discussion with Editorial Board Members

Discussants – Elizabeth M. Morgan, Moin Syed, Larry J. Nelson, Carolyn McNamara Barry, Kate McLean

Elizabeth Morgan (Springfield College) Consulting Editor, Journal of Sex Research & Psych of Women Quarterly
Moin Syed (University of Minnesota) Editor, Emerging Adulthood (Sage)
Larry J. Nelson (Brigham Young University, US) Editor, Emerging Adulthood book series (Oxford University Press)
Carolyn McNamara Barry (Loyola University Maryland, US) Member of the editorial board, Journal of Youth and Adolescence & Adolescent Research Review (Springer)
Kate McLean (Western Washington University) Associate editor, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (APA)


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The recipients of these awards were honored at the President’s Address during the 9CEA. Awardees were presented with an award certificate and a 2-year SSEA membership.

**Outstanding Research Awards**

Student Poster Award

Kaylin Ratner
Grace Sumabat Estrada

Innovative Research in Emerging Adulthood Award

Perri Leviss

International Research in Emerging Adulthood Award

Jaerim Lee & Soyoung Kwon

Remarkable Applied Contributions on Emerging Adulthood Award

The Relevate Research Team (Dr. Amber Vennum, Dr. J. Kale Monk, Paige McAllister, Shelby Astle, Dr. Kristin Anders, Dr. Eric Goodcase, Michelle Washburn-Busk, Dr. Jeremy Kanter, Kimberly Morrison, and Loren Taylor)

Social Justice Award
No award given

**Outstanding Accomplishments in the Field Awards**

Distinguished Dissertation in Emerging Adulthood Award

Angela Sorgente


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2019 Conference Committee Co-Chair

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2019 Conference Committee Member


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