12CEA Conference

June 4 - 6, 2025
Charleston, South Carolina
Hyatt Place and Hyatt House

The Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood (SSEA) is a multidisciplinary, international organization with a focus on theory and research related to emerging adulthood, which includes the age range of approximately 18 through 29 years.

SSEA is an international organization with a focus on research related to emerging adulthood


The mission of SSEA is to advance the understanding of development in emerging adulthood through scholarship, education, training, policy and practice. This goal is promoted through Biennial Meetings, the flagship journal Emerging Adulthood, and a website that includes information on topics, events, and publications pertaining to emerging adults from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and countries. Membership is open to researchers, policy makers, educators and practitioners with special interests in development during this period of life.

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SSEA Mission
SSEA History


Since 2003, SSEA has been at the forefront of emerging adulthood research. Supported by the field’s preeminent researchers from around the world, the society has organized international conferences and launched a scholarly journal. As we look toward continuing study in this under-researched field, the SSEA is developing new ways for scholars to exchange ideas, coordinate research, and find new opportunities.

SSEA Book Launch Section

Cultivating Student Success

Cultivating Student Success
The last book of the Emerging Adulthood Series published by Oxford University Press and sponsored by SSEA is Cultivating Student Success. The book’s editors are Tisha A. Duncan and Allison A. Buskirk-Cohen. Higher education in the United States is facing a critical juncture. Tuition costs are rising, while measures of success are declining. Students struggle to meet the most basic academic requirements, barely passing their courses, while others battle physical and mental health difficulties that profoundly impact their ability to do well in college. This book responds to these challenges, offering a holistic collection of practices to guide those working[...]
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SSEA Flagship Journal Section

Emerging Adulthood

Emerging Adulthood
Emerging Adulthood (EA) is the flagship journal of SSEA published by SAGE. It is an interdisciplinary and international journal for advancements in theory, methodology, and empirical research on development and adaptation during the late teens and twenties. It covers clinical, developmental and social psychology, and other social sciences. The journal seeks manuscripts that advance basic and applied knowledge of normative and atypical development during emerging adulthood, in addition to other topics.
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