Sexuality in Emerging Adulthood

Elizabeth M. Morgan and Manfred H. M. van Dulmen
Publication date: April 29, 2021

Sexuality in Emerging Adulthood provides a comprehensive overview of sexuality at the stage straddling adolescence and adulthood. The first section of the volume offers conceptualizations and foundational perspectives on sexuality in emerging adulthood, with topics including theory, developmental considerations, sexual behavior, sexual beliefs and attitudes, associations with romance, casual sex, and sexual orientation. The second section systematically examines contexts and socializing agents of sexual development, including parents, peers, media, and religion.

The third section narrows in on the overarching theme of the series by addressing factors leading to flourishing and floundering in the area of sexuality during emerging adulthood, such as effects of early adversity, sexual health, sexual well-being, sexuality and mental health, and sexual assault. Accompanying seven of the chapters in the volume are brief scientific reports offering new related research. The volume also contains four method tutorials that discuss topics in sex research such as ethical considerations, recruitment and incentive strategies, and identity-affirming methods. Concluding with innovative new perspectives on the integration of sexual health promotion and sexual violence prevention, this volume is crucial reading for academic scholars and those working with and supporting emerging adults.